P.O.Box 446 Melville Street St. George's, Grenada, W.I.
Telephone (473) 439-1326
Corporate Address
Zublin Grenada Limited
P.O. Box 446 Melville Street
St. George's, Grenada, W.I.
Telephone (473) 439-1326
Email: info@zublingrenada.com



Grenreal Property Corporation Limited

Zublin Grenada established Grenreal, a real estate company, together with local authorities and institutions, to enable local and regional private institutional investors to benefit from the positive developments on the real estate market. Grenreal was listed on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange in 2008, the first publicly listed Grenadian real estate company.

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Cruise Port The Hague Holland

In partnership with Zublin Grenada Limited

In order to accommodate the growth of cruise shipping in NW Europa the developers consortium Cruise Port The Hague Holland in close corporation with the municipality of the town of The Hague is working on an ambitious scheme aiming at the realization of a dedicated cruise ship facility around 2013-14. The project is considered as complimentary to the existing facilities in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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Zublin Grenada Corporate Information

Zublin Grenada Limited an innovative, successful and experienced company investing in international infrastructure and property development.

Zublin Grenada Ltd Profile

Zublin Grenada Limited was established in November 2000 by the then parent company Züblin Bau AG , a large construction company from Switzerland. Upon establishment, Zublin Grenada immediately embarked on one of Grenada’s biggest infrastructural development projects. Zublin Grenada worked with the Government of Grenada to develop and finance the island’s first cruise ship jetty and also a modern state of the art cruise ship terminal and duty free shopping complex.

In 2003, Zublin Grenada became independent from its parent company via a management buy out. Züblin Bau AG was sold to the pan-European construction company Strabag AG from Austria/Germany.

The main partners and members of the Board of Directors in Zublin Grenada are Mr. Hendrik A. van Dijk, Mr. Sükrü Evrengün, and Mr. Winston Whyte.  Mr. van Dijk, was born in Holland and has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University in Delft.  Mr. Winston Whyte is a Grenadian and is a former Government Minister and Member of Parliament. Mr. Evrengün has a Masters Degree in Law from the University of Amsterdam.

The Zublin team, combines vast international experience in development, financing and realization of large scale infrastructural and real estate projects.  The team has established an exemplary track record in the Caribbean region for excellent projects from as early as the 1990’s.

Zublin has completed successful public private partnerships with agencies of the Government of Grenada to bring the cruise port project in Grenada into reality. The St. George’s Newport Development Company Ltd is a partnership between the Government of Grenada represented by the Grenada Ports Authorities and Zublin Grenada. The Grenreal Property Corporation (www.grenreal.com ) is a publicly listed company with a number of private share holders. These include Zublin Grenada, CSFC from Barbados and the insurance company Trans Nemwill. These partnerships are responsible for the realization and (co-) operation of the cruise ship facilities in St. George’s, Grenada W.I. More then EC$ 150 million has been invested in these facilities comprising of a berthing facility, a land reclamation and a shopping facility of more than 80,000 sq. feet. 

The company is able to ensure the cooperation of top-consultants from the USA and Europe to develop projects successfully due to the international background and vast experience of its owners/managers and efficient staff. The firm operates offices in Grenada, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

The owners/managers of the company have been involved among others in the realization of the cruise port facilities in Sint Maarten N.A in 1995. They are also heavily involved in the development of an impressive cruise ship home port in The Hague, Netherlands. This project has an investment volume of more than € 750 million (www.cruiseportthehague.com ). The firm was recently pre-qualified as the leader of an international consortium to develop a home port facility for cruise ships in Barbados, W.I.

Zublin, Grenada's Partner
  • Zublin Grenada’s understanding of the Grenadian environment and its proven track-record in delivering the new cruise port have combined to generate multi-lateral support from government, the opposition and the private sector.
  • A result of the tried and trusted relationship between Grenada and Zublin through a successful public/private partnership in the Cruise Port Project;
  • Zublin was, and is, able to combine its enormous local knowledge with international development experience, and has proven its ability to deliver…
  • Zublin has capitalized on her presence in Grenada with the conceptualization of the St. george’s Revitalization Project in close cooperation with international, regional and local consultants and participants.
Zublin Objectives
  • Creating newly developed areas for commercial, residential and tourist attraction sites;
  • Improving environmental and living standards within the city through substantial investments in its basic infrastructure;
  • Providing for the sustainable restoration and preservation of its historical character;
  • Enhancing Grenada’s competitive position among its peers in the Caribbean region.